This is for the fourth season of Young Justice, retitled Young Justice: Retaliation. Like the previous season, it will have a time skip. However, the time skip will be only Six months.Greg Wiseman and Peter david stated that characters who did not exist will come but all will have a relationship to certain Characters


The Team take in new recruits and try to bring thinks back to normal while now saving the world from Starro


The TeamEdit

  • Nightwing/Dick Grayson
  • Robin/Damian Wayne
  • Batgirl/Stephanie Brown
  • Aqualad/Kaldur-Ahm
  • Superboy/Connor Kent
    • Wolf
    • Sphere
  • Miss Martian
  • Huntress
  • Impulse/Bart Allen
  • Zachary Zatara
  • Tempest/Garth
  • Red Beetle/Razor "Raph" Torkson
  • Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes
  • Green Lantern/Kyle Rayner
  • Supergirl/Kara Zor El/Kara Kent
  •  Superwoman/Kala Zor El/Rachel Kent
  • Ravanger/Brandon Logan
  • Jericho/Joseph Wilson
  • Beast Boy/Garfield Logan
  • Arsenal
  • Runaways
  • Lagoon Boy
  • Raven/Rachel Roth
  • Starfire
  • Aquagirl/Lorena Marquez
  • Wonder Girl/Cassie Sandsmark
  • Mary Marvel/Mary Batson
  • Barbara Gordon/Oracle

The Justice LeagueEdit

  • Superman/Clark Kent
  • Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Wonder Woman/Diana Prince
  • Green Lantern/Hal Jordan
  • Aquaman/Arthur Curry
  • Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz/John Jones
  • Green Arrow/Oliver "Ollie" Queen
  • Hawkman/Carter Hall
  • Hawkgirl/Shyerra Hall
  • Doctor Fate/Giovanni Zatara
  • Captain Atom/Nathaniel Adams
  • Black Canary/Dinah Lance
  • Green Lantern/John Stweart
  • Captain Marvel/Billy Batson
  • Red Tornado/John Smith
  • The Atom/Ray Palmer
  • Plastic Man/Patrick O'Brian
  • Icon/Arnus
  • Zatanna/Zatanna Zatarra
  • Rocket/Raquel Ervin
  • Cyborg/Vic Stone
  • The Flash/Wally West

Season 1 2019-2022

Season 3Edit

Title Written by Air Date Production code
 Family Ties TBA 101

Beast Boy Miss Martian and Kyle Ranner are having a picknic when Beast Boy meets his Older Brother Ravenger and his partner Kryptonian Superwoman.

 Allowence  TBA 102
 Beast Boy begs Nightwing to make Ravanger a member of the team while Superman confers with Batman wheather or not Kala should join the League.
 Justice TBA 103
 Arsenal,Red Beetle,Ravanger,Beast Boy,Red Robin,Robin,Impulse and Blue Beetle sneak into Lexcorp to look for signs of the tech that caused the 16 hrs incident where Arsenal,Red Beetle and Ravanger become  because they all love doing there own thing.
 Retaliation TBA 104
 The Team find Starro tech in Lexcorp where they split into two teams team a is captured by Lexcorp guards and team b must rescue them causing the mission to fail and them to retaliate.
Solutions TBA 105
Lex Luthor comes to Gotham only to become the number 1 target on Deadshot,Chesire and Sportsmasters list.
Justice TBA 106
The League try to explain to the world what happend in the 16 hrs event and the reach attack when the watchtower is attacked by The Crime Syndicate who due battle but causing the watchtower to be destroyed.
Search part 1 TBA 107
The entire league and team leave to search for the Warworld leaving Impulse,Blue Beetle,Red Beetle,Ravanger,Beast Boy,Jericho,Red Robin,Wonder Girl and Batgirl,Superboy,Lagoon Boy,Arsenal and Robin to defend earth.
Search Part 2 TBA 108
Impulse,Blue Beetle,Red Beetle,Ravanger,Beast Boy,Jericho,Red Robin,Superboy,Lagoon Boy,Arsenal take on the now free Mongul and his new ally The Phantom Zone Villains and the Master General Zod
Temptation TBA 109
Zod asks Superboy,Arsenal,Red Beetle and Ravenger to join him and take down the reamaning team they denie leaving the team to take on Mongul and the other Phantom Zone villains and 4 heroes to take on Zod.
Forever TBA 110
Brandon and Rachel prepare to get married when Rachel confess that she is pregnant all is well until Cadmuses Clone of the entire team comes and a battle ensues.
Airline TBA 111
Kyle and Superbiy save Ferris aircrafts from Sinestro and his lanterns
Magicians Code TBA 112
The Runaways,Beast Boy,Arsenal,Impulse and Captain Marvel travel to eygpt to take on Felix Faust and his ally Black Adam
Assasins TBA 113
Nightwing,Batgirl,Robin,Red Robin and Ravenger help Ras"al"Ghul take on the league of assasins and their new master Talia"al"Ghul.
Avenge TBA 114
Zackary Zatanna is Murderd by Doctor Polaris so Dr Fate,Zatara and the team must avenge his death.
Hidden TBA 115
TBA 116
TBA 117
TBA 118
TBA 119
TBA 120
War Part 1 TBA 121
Starro takes over,The Justice league execept for Batman,The Team except for Red Robin,Ravenger,Nightwing,Blue Bue Beetle and Captain Marvel.
War part 2 TBA 122
War part 3 TBA 123
War part 4 TBA 124