The Scarlet Speester or The Flash II in the UK is a 2018 action and adventure film directed by J.J Abrams and the second installment in The Flash film series, the original cast will reprise their roles and the film will take place after the events of the Justice League film.


After the Battle for Earth, the Justice League have disbanded and are awaiting for another world threat to appear, Barry Allen now graduated from college has applied for a job at the C.C.P.D, Barry tries to balance his life as Flash, a normal life and still hellbent on finding more clues on his twin brother.


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Chris Pine as Barry Allen/Flash

Mila Kunis as Iris West

Jake Short as Wally West

Leonardo DiCaprio as Hunter Zoloman/Zoom

Viggo Mortensen as Henry Allen

Cate Blanchett as Nora Allen

Jeff Bridges as Jay Garrick

Mark Valley as Detective Fred Chyre