The Robin Leagacy is a 2016 film set in Gotham and Bludhaven it will star Nightwing Red hood,Red Robin Stephine Brown,Batgirl and Mr Freeze the film will be Directed by Christopher Nolan it will be set for March 3rd 2016.


  • Ryan Kelley as Dick Grayson-Nightwing (New 52 Outfit)
  • Jason Todd-Red Hood (New 52 Outfit)
  • Logan Lerman as Tim Drake-Red Robin (New 52 Outfit)
  • Lucy Hale as Stephine Brown-Batgirl
  • John Malkovich as Victor Fries-Mr Frezze
  • John Hurt as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Rachel Mcadams as Vickie Vale
  • Armie Hammer as Bruce Wayne-Batman


Nightwing and Red Robin are trailing a truck full with drugs and who have kidnapped Batgirl the two jump from building to building looking following it two a dock they take batgirl out and prepare to throw her into the water with a stone wrapped to her so she cant swim back.

Red Robin jumps into the water to rescue Batgirl,while Nightwing takes down the goons and calls the police to pick up the Drugs he waits by the water for Tim but they dont reserface he then jumps into the water and rescues them.