The Fastest Man Alive or Flash III in Canada is a 2020 action adventure film it will be the third installment and the final film in the Barry Allen storyline, the main cast will reprise their roles, the film's villain will be Neutron, Allen's greatest villain yet. The film's director will be Ridley Scott and J.J Abrams will produce. Bradley Cooper will make a brief cameo in the film as Barry goes to prison for Leonard's help.


Barry Allen's life is great, he has married Iris West and it is his 25th Birthday and he will recieve the suprise of his life, Iris is pregnant with twins, Barry could not be happier until the villain known as Neutron has emerged calling for Barry's blood. This will be a battle that will change Barry's life forever...


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Chris Pine as Barry Allen/The Flash

Mila Kunis as Iris West-Allen

Jake Short as Wally West

Bruce Willis as Nathaniel Tyron/Neutron Viggo Mortensen as Henry Allen

Cate Blanchett as Nora Allen

Jeff Bridges as Jay Garrick

Mark Valley as Detective Fred Chyre

Bradley Cooper as Leonard Snart