The Batman:Caped Crusader is the third film in the Batman Cinematic Universe it will star Armie Harmmer and will be realsed for December 25 2018.Batman must stop Man-Bat from turning all of Gotham City into Bat like Creatures.Armie Harmmer will repise his role as Batman with Rhys Ifan as Kirk Langstorm-Man Bat.


  • Armie Harmmer as Bruce Wayne-Batman
  • Rhys Ifan as Kirk Langstorm-Man Bat
  • John Hurt as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Denzel Washington as Lucius Fox
  • Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon
  • Micheal Madson as Harvey Bullock
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt as Nick Gage
  • Demi Moore as Lillian Langstorm


It begins with Bruce Wayne going to visit a old friend named Kirk Langstorm,he realizes Kirk is going deaf so reccomends a hearing aid.Kirk sasy he is not that deaf and the two have a conversation.Bruce leaves after a couple hrs.Where langstorms wife argues with him for not spending any time with hear realising he is going deaf langstorm goes into his basment and injects himself with a syerome of Bat blood Lillian stands at the top of the stairs still arguing he shouts Shut up but she keeps shouting back.

Kirk the flies to the top of the stairs still and stabs his arm right through her realising what he has done he calls the police and ambulance and locks himself in the basement he starts turning into a bat like creature his ears become longer and straighter and he grows fur and then the skin of his back cracks open for wings to blossom out like flowers.

The police and Ambulance arrive only to see a Bat like creature flie away.Detective Nick Gage thinks its Batman when Commissioner tells Gage Batman doesnt fly they see the beast fly away into the distance when the Batmobile turns around the corner Batman runs out and into the House to find a dying Lillian Lanstorm on the floor.

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