The Teen Titans Franchise is a Franchise created by Sci100. It is not a part of the Justice League Movie Saga nor THE TITANS Franchise. It is a live-action movie trilogy based on the 2003 TV Series.


The Teen Titans (2015) - An Organization known as the Brotherhood of Evil attacks the United States of America. With the Justice League busy, there's only one group to call when there's trouble: The Teen Titans.

The Teen Titans 2 (2019) - An Assisan from the Brotherhood of Evil named Slade attacks the Titans, threathening to destroy thier city. Meanwhile, a new Titan, Terra joins only for the team to learn she's with Slade.

The Teen Titans: Ultimantium (2022) - The End of World Occurs as Raven fufills a prophecy and a demon known as Trigon arrives on Earth. Its up to the Titans to defeat Trigon before all life in the universe ends.