Justice League cinematic universe is a series of films created by Shepard78 and Awesomekid120

Stage IEdit

Martian Manhunter will be the most important film and character in Stage I as he is the one who forms the Justice League, Martian Manhunter appears in all the Post-Credits scenes asking the protagonists to join a "team". Films and Villians

  1. Man of Steel-General Zod
  2. The Batman-Ra's al Ghul
  3. Wonder Woman-Circe
  4. The Flash-Captain Cold
  5. Green Lantern-Sinestro
  6. Aquaman-Oceanmaster
  7. Martian Manhunter-Mongul
  8. Green Arrow-Edward Fyers
  9. Hawkman-Hath Set
  10. Justice League-Injustice League

Stage IIEdit

Stage II is like Marvel Phase II, Stage II is the second stage of films leading up to the next Justice League film

  1. Batman: Gates of Hell-The Penguin and Solomon Grundy
  2. Green Lantern Rise of the Manhunters-Amin Sur,Manhunters
  3. Wonder Woman II Spirit of the Amazonions-Hades
  4. The Scarlet Speedster-Zoom
  5.  Green Arrow II Blood and Sweat-Deathstroke
  6. Aquaman Under the Sea-Black Manta
  7. Superman-Brainiac
  8. Nightwing-Red Hood
  9. Young Justice-Blockbuster
  10. Injustice Gods Among Us-Superman and Batman

Stage IIIEdit

  1. The Dark Knight Legend-Killer Croc
  2. The Fastest Man Alive-Neutron
  3. Superman: Rise of Bizzaro-Bizarro
  4. Nightwing II-Clayface
  5. Green Lantern III: Red Lantern Corps-Red Lanterns
  6. Aquaman: The Dark Ocean-The Shark
  7. Young Justice II-Sportsmaster
  8. Wonder Woman III-Cheetah
  9. Hawkman II-The Hand
  10. Green Arrow III-Brick
  11. The Justice League III: Darkseid-Darkseid and the Light

Stage IVEdit

Stage IV is the fourth stage in The Justice League Cinematic Universe which is set 9-Years after Justice League III,  after the group split up, the Young Justice grew up and eventually turned into the New Justice League and all sidekicks have turned into their title roles e.g Nightwing has become Batman, Tim Drake has become Red Robin and Wally West has become The Flash.

  1. Flash IV-Gorrila Grodd and Abra Kadabra
  2. Blue Beetle-Black Beetle
  3. Speedy-Constintine Drakon
  4. Guardian-Steel Claw
  5. Red Arrow-Count Vertigo
  6. Superman VI-Doomsday,Atomic Skull
  7. Arsenal-Merlyn
  8. Young Justcie III-Despero
  9. Nightwing III-Ravanger
  10. Superboy-The Light and Lex Luthor
  11. Impulse-Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang
  12. Justice League IV-The Reach

TV ShowsEdit

Captain Marvel-Animation

Green Lantern the animated series

Hawkman-Live action

Smallville -Live action

Arrow-Live action

Gotham-Live action

Superman the animated series

Nightwing the animated series

Blue Beetle animated series

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