The Justice League 2017 film is a film about the superheroes of the same name fighting the Legion of Doom some heroes might die some might become a couple.Zach Snyder will direct.


'It begins with joker in arkham asylum when his cell door opens and a woman walks in claiming her name is Harrline quinzey.While in space sinestro attacks a few green lanters just then hal jordon turns up and sinestro flees. in atlanta destroy a raft setting a pile of wood on coruse or it aquaman calls a pod of whales to slow the pile of wood to a stop aquaman takes ocean master and black manta to arkham asylum. Circe use her magic to destory amazon when wonder woman ties her up with the lasso of truth adn takes her to her special cell that blocks her magic in arkham asylum.As Zoom planed to turn central city into a Ice age when Flash and Kid flash they look him up in Arkham Asylum.Meryln robs Star lab of a Venom Serum mixed with Bane"s Blood He is about to 'give it to Ras" al ghul When Green arrow snatches it out of his hand but before Green arrow is out of sight Meryln Snatches it back and kicks him back down towards a building but is caught by Red Arrow while Black canery takes Merylin down.Ras"al "ghul attempts to escape when a bright light shines on his helicopter.A thin cable connects to the helicopter as a Robin slides down it with batman flying the batwing Ras sends Talia to deal with the boy wonder in the end Merylin talia and ras are all thrown in Arkham.In a cafe at metropolis Clark kent meets Bruce Wayne while on a small tv in the corner shows Lex luthor announcing that lexcorp is funding an operation called Operation L.O.D. Clark states that im going to check this out if you do not here from me in 6 hrs come look for me.

Superman scans lex corp and realises that Operation L.O.D stand for Legion of Doom there stands Joker harrly quinn merylin Ras"al"ghul talia, zoom ,sinestro and a handful of yellow lanterns circe, Bane,oceanmaster and blak manta With Lex luthor and Mercy Lex tells them how all the arrested super villan were robots created by Lexcorp.

Metallo preteds to be a janitor who sees superman and runs for him riping of a piece of skin revealing Kryptonite.