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  1. Green Lanterns: Red As Blood
  2. The Future And What it Beholds
  3. Lanterns Unite


  • Hal Jordan
  • Guy Gardner
  • John Stewart
  • Kyle Rayner
  • Kilowog
  • Jade
  • Sinestro (For now, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
  • Jack T. Chance


  • Indigo Lanterns
  • Blue Lanterns
  • White Lanterns
  • Purple Lanterns
  • Violet Lanterns


  • Red Lanterns
  • Black Lanterns
  • Yellow Lanterns
  • Orange Lanterns


<img style="" src="" title="Green Lanterns.jpg (104 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Green Lanterns">From left to right, Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, John Stewart then Kyle Rayner.<img style="" src="" title="Kilowog.jpg (57 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Kilowog">KilowogRigenock, he is completely FANON.<img style="" src="" title="Luffy.png (411 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Luffy">Luffy<img style="" src="" title="Sinestro.jpg (124 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Sinestro">Sinestro<img style="" src="" title="Arkillo.png (87 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Arkillo">Arkillo<img style="" src="" title="Larfleeze.png (55 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Larfleeze">Larfleeze<img style="" src="" title="Naut Kei Loi.png (49 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Naut Kei Loi">Naut Kei Loi<img style="" src="" title="Saint Walker.png (21 KB)" class="thumbimage" alt="Saint Walker">Saint Walker

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